Lea-za-blog-SharmaFor the past few days we have been working hard to organize seminar “The Leader Who Had No Title”. Press releases, questions and answers in interviews for media and releasing campaign. The huge job is in front of us and we know it. The easiest part was to contact the lecturer and ask him for the first free date. As a matter affect, my friends and colleagues recently asked me “How did you get Sharma for this event?”

Good question. Answer is simple: “ We sent an e-mail. Sharma answered.” We had a vision of positive income and we shot an arrow in the Universe. The arrow returned with a message “February 20th, 2014” and here we are. Making calls, designing, changing, deleting, calculating … all for one big goal:

Changing paradigma in the way we preform in business, and the ones in our heads, because these are beginning and ending of everything.

Why the beginning? Because we are opening new doors and something different is coming towards, and the end – we closed the last one behind.:-) We are not afraid of changes, they always bring good lessons.

And when we think about it, from these tough experiences we came out stronger.

So we are sending this massage in our stile: the way that we act every day to our work and colleague (in our case dharmic) is the way that our future will look like in all aspects. So, come on and change with us your way of thinking. Say goodbye to old patterns, and redefine who you are. Sharma definitely has the tools and this is one of them:

So do what the most successful people on the planet do: invest in your learning and self-education. “ R. Sharma

See you on February 20th.

Lea Brezar, Dhar media, Managing director

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